Simon with his beautiful wild trout 48cm he put back into the river after the photo 😉

Beginning of the fishing season :

 2nd Saturday of March 

until the 2nd Saturday of September
Wild trout, Rainbow Trout, Salmons, Minnows, Studs, White fish and Crayfish...

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Simon & and his wild trout 48cm - a beautiful video made right here!

This video is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me last year. Beautiful fight and no-kill of course  . Taking an awesome wild trout of 48cm in April 2016.
The "Agoût" is a beautiful river where live large trout!
During my fishing trip in 2016 I had the chance to catch this magnificent fish. It was in the department of Tarn, down by the Moulin de Record.

(Simon Blanchon - passionate about fishing and Youtuber)

The Record Mill sits on the river "Agoût", 1st fishing-category !

With more than 800 meters of shoreline on the left bank of the Mill property as well as our reservoir lake with its dike of about 60 meters long, where you find wild trouts, minnows, studs, white fish and crayfish, our fishermen guests will appreciate.

At 500 meters upstream, the Record Lake: 30 hectares with very large carp and tench as well as pike, pike perch and beautiful perches.

And for seasoned fishermen in good physical condition, a fishing course over 4 km, right from the mill until Luzières, by foot, in a chaos of rocks and small waterfalls. The granite here is slippery and the rocks can be several meters high but the superb wild trout has to be deserved ...

Since 1 January 2014, we have a permanent and steady flow of 1500 l / sec, as imposed by the European laws ("Ecological Continuity"), and our passionate fishermen appreciate very much!

Do not forget your boots and waders!

We have not less than 24 fishing circuits in Occitania.

A selection of lakes around the Mill:

Lakes Bancalié and Razisse 35 km, with its beautiful specimens of pike, perch, roach, tench, black bass ...

The Saint Peyres lake in Anglès with its 32 km of shores and pike-perch and pike.

The lake Raviège 440 hectares and lake Laouzas 285 hectares.

Lake Salagou in the Hérault department at about 100 km from here.

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